DVD107 - Nordic Fest 2002 , USA

Nordic Fest 2002

Nordic Fest 2002 , USA
Hosted by the I.K.A.

Catalog number# DVD107 - Double DVD set.

This is a double DVD set in perfect DVD video quality. Footage includes band footage from Whiskey rebels, SS187 and Johnny Tat. I.K.A. Awards and Cross lighting.

Speeches given by: Kev Blood & Honour USA, Rev. John Fox WCOTC, Rev. Matt Hale WCOTC, Ted Dunn SS-Action Group, Bill NSM California, Bradly Jenkins White Knights Coalition, Richard Loy National Nights Indiana, Robert Glenn of Illinois, Harry Bertram Nationalist Times and many more... One of the best lineup of speakers ever filmed.

Whiskey Rebels
I.K.A. Awards
Whiskey Rebels 2
Johnny Tatt
Cross Lighting
Quality Production Rating

Runtime: 3 Hours - Color.

Nordic Fest 2002


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