SKREWDRIVER"Hail the New Dawn"



Comrades, the voices of the dead battalions,
Of those who fell, that Europe might be great
Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us
And urge us on that we gain the national state

The streets are still, the final battle has ended
Flushed with the fight, we proudly hail the dawn
See over the streets, the white man's emblem is waving
Triumphant standards of a race reborn

Blood of our blood, spirit of our spirit
Sprang from that soil, for who's sake they bled
Against the vested powers, Red front, and massed reaction
We lead the fight for freedom and for bread

Hail the new dawn!
Hail the new dawn!
Hail the new dawn!
Hail the new dawn!

People who we trusted, again have let us down
Jailing men of this country, for fighting for our land
We will fight forever, until the end releases us
We will never submit to a six point master plan



This is our land, the European man
So where are you, a land so fair and true

I guess we didn't know
Who was up there running the show
But I can tell you it ain't you or me

A weak land, is an also ran
Yeah we must be strong, and have a common bond

Our pride is our loyalty
Our pride is our loyalty
Our pride is our loyalty to our land

For the blood and soil, of the lands they toiled
And kept the banners high, and fought the alien lies



They come here to this country from the jungles and from trees
The traitors in the parliament give them a better deal
Spend the nation's money, to cater to their needs
They all accept our charity, then bite the hand that feeds

Before the night falls, heed the White call
Before the night falls, when the reaper calls you

Our forefathers fought in two world wars, they thought to keep us free
But I'm not sure that in those wars, who was our enemy
The Zionists own the media, and they're known for telling lies
And I could see, that it could be, we fought on the wrong side

European unity, the North Teutonic dream
To scoop to save humanity, leave Europe with the cream
But now our once proud Europe, looks like a melting pot
But melting pots boil over, and it's getting pretty hot



My knees feel weak as I'm led from the dock
My poor mother's screams numb me with shock
One by one, they lock us all away
Trumped up charges is the game they play

Call that justice, well it just ain't fair,
How much longer before you care
Call that justice from an alien judge
Jailed for fighting for the land you love

Locked in a cell, you're shackled in chains
Lost all your dignity, but trying to keep sane
A degrading regime if you speak your mind
If you don't agree they'll give you time

Call this democracy, the land of free speech
Equality and freedom is what they preach
Here's the reality, an alien state
Locking up patriots behind camp gates



I believe in the White race
A race apart, we've got a mile start
I believe in my country
It's where I belong, it's where I'll stay

For my Race and Nation

This old nation's in the hand of fools
Using people as political tools
If you stand up and you say that they're wrong
They'll put you inside, and say that's where you belong

Something's got to change right now
The White race is going down and how
I'm not trying to depress you
Because I believe, we're going to pull through



We live on the streets now, we fight for our lives
We fight for the flag now, we're all willing to die
We don't run from anyone, we never back down
If we see a Red flag, we tear it to the ground

Flying the flag, we fight the Red peril
Flying the flag, we'll fight 'till we die
Flying the flag, we'll never give up now
Flying the flag, we hold our heads high

Survival is our life, we live from day to day
You never know who you're going to meet in our money making state
Everybody lives here now, the dustbin of the world
An unwelcome pool of labour, with our promises of pearls

For so long now, we've heard their lies
When will they heed our people's cries
When our people take that bitter pill
If the Reds don't kill you, the rich man will.

Take it from me now, we haven't got long
Just follow your feelings, the media's always wrong
They're making up stories, to cover themselves
They're lining they're pockets with the nation's hard earned wealth



Walking down the street, avoiding the cops
With size ten boots, and a number one crop
People avoid you as you pass by
Only the smart ones know the media lies

If there's a riot, in here tonight
If you try it, in here tonight
If there's a riot, in here tonight
That's bad news

Read the latest slander in the daily news
Whatever lies that the editors choose
Stories concocted in a liar's lair
How could we do it, when we weren't there

You'll find yourself banned from everywhere
You'll find the criticism real hard to bear
Keep a strong will, hold your head up high
Make sure skinheads never die



The sun on the meadow is summery warm
The stag in the forest runs free
But gathered together to greet the storm
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me

The branch on the linden is leafy and green
The Rhine gives it's gold to the sea
But somewhere a glory awaits unseen
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me

The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes
The blossom embraces the bee
But soon says the whisper, arise, arise
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me

Now Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign
Your children have waited to see
The morning will come when the world is mine
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me



Europe what have they got to do to make you come alive
What has happened to the heritage that once was yours and mine
A capitalistic economy, the communists roam the streets
The old people aren't safe outside, what solution do we seek

Europe awake, for the white man's sake
Europe awake, before it's too late
Europe awake, Europe awake now

We've got to get together soon, and take our nations back
The race board, and the traitorous politicians should be sacked
You can't turn on the TV because we know what we're going to see
Either moaning immigrants, or the lying C.N.D.

We've got to get together now, and wage our nation's fights
If we don't act quickly, we're going to face the endless night
We've got to take our nations back, from all the traitorous scum
You'd better believe it, our day will soon have to come



I don't fight for the money, don't fight for blood
I'm fighting for freedom, I know where I'm stood
I fight for the nations, that haven't yet died
I fight to stop Russia, creating a world of sighs

I'm a soldier of freedom
I'm a soldier of freedom
A soldier of freedom fights Reds

I fought in the Congo, stood against the Reds
I fought in Angola, but the Red disease, it spread
I fought in Rhodesia, against the media's pets,
Now I see democracy suspended by it's neck

I fought in Afghanistan, but the tentacles spread
I'm surprised at the speed with which the people forget
We're sending Russia food now, feeding Russia grain
I hope it ain't your land, when Russia invades again, and they will



Hey you up there in your office
Hiding in your private little nest
Trying to tell the people what to listen to
But you clutch the Red flag to your breast

Skrew you, a stranger to the truth
Skrew you, twisting all our words
Skrew you, an upper class worker
Skrew you, to me you're just absurd

I can see right through your image
You're just another wealthy fake
You'll never break your social circle
Because your scared for your own safety's sake

I had read these stories, never really knew
Never really believed them, but now I know they're true
People always told me, never trust a creep like you
And now I've read your stories, I just say skrew you

You claim you're speaking for the people
Exactly which ones do you mean
A beret on your head, red star upon your collar
You don't speak for people on the streets



Walking 'round the streets, one place to another
I feel like I lost out on a will
No you don't come here
Yes you've got to go there as well
Wait here a minute, but I've been here three hours
My legs are aching 'cos the seats have all gone
Hey you over there, there's a cubicle spare
So come 'ere

Honey, I need money
Money to find my way
I ain't had a bite since Saturday night
And that is now three days

She looked at me like I'm some sort of beggar
You know it's hard to keep your temper at times
We don't know if to pay you 'cos
Your being out of work is a crime, yes a crime.
We decided after thinking, your career is sinking
So we'll offer you a twenty a week
Who was it that said, it was the Bible I read
Said the ones that inherit are meek

One minute I'm in Camden, the next I'm in Eusson
They they send me back to Kentish Town
I've completed lap two, there's a hole in my shoe
And I'm down, yes I'm down
It's been such an ordeal, and the way that I feel
When I get a letter next day
Saying there's something down here, that we need to clear up
And if you don't come, you don't get paid



It's time to face the music, we've let our country down
Upon the face of our nation, there seems to be a frown
Once we were all proud man of this green and pleasant land,
But we've lost alot of tears over you

Very soon our time will come, our nation's doom will toll
They've bought up all our industries, and they've tried to buy our souls
And then our nation's working men, will be the rich man's slaves
Yes, we've lost alot of tears over you

It's power from profit, they're buying our souls
It's power from profit, puts you on the dole
It's power from profit, a good job's hard to find
It's power from profit, they'll soon own our minds

I think it's time our people stood together all as one
And took back all our nation's wealth when the profiteers have gone
Our working men would be fairly paid, for all their sweat and toil
Yes, we've lost alot of tears over you

It's power from profit, the capitalist's a thief
If he stands against us, he better stay out of our reach
We will fight against them with a hammer and a gun
And when our people start to rise, the traitor's time will come

And when our time has finally come, and we've gained our brave new world
The people stand and hail the dawn, the banners are unfurled
We've got to be on guard to see that they don't come again
Because we've lost alot of tears over you



I stand and watch my country today
It's so easy to see that it's being taken away
All the immigrants and all the left wing lies
Why does no one ever ask the reason why

We were the country that had everything
We were the country, Rule Britannia we would sing
We were the country, and we could never lose,
Once a nation, and now we're run by Jews
We want our country back now!

It's time our people stood together side by side
It's time we stood and fought against the media's lies
The capitalists and the communists, well they co-exist
If you love your country, you'll be on their list

The sands of time are running out for this land
It's time the people stood and raised their hands
It's time we drove out the traitors that we can see
Now is the time this nation should be free, free my land