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DVD61 - Kriegsberichter Vol. III


Kriegsberichter Video Magazine VOL. 3

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Following the incredible success of Kriegsberichter Volume 2, Summer of 1997 Volume 3 is now available and better then ever on DVD.


This is a professionally mastered DVD complete with menu soundtrack and an interactive motion chapter selection.

Kriegsberichter 3 DVD menu 

Comes with DVD case, Color cover and chapter listing insert.

Chapter 01 Introduction
Chapter 02 Pig Killer
Chapter 03 5 faces of the Jew
Chapter 04 Tattoos
Chapter 05 Bound for Glory
Chapter 06 Hess March Sweden 1996
Chapter 07 Top 10 List
Chapter 08 Brutal Attack
Chapter 09 Skinhead Girls
Chapter 10 Bully Boys
Chapter 11 CD Reviews
Chapter 12 B&H/C18 Interview
Chapter 13 Chingford Attack
Chapter 14 German Report
Chapter 15 Blue Eyed Devils
Chapter 16 Ending

Quality Production Rating

Runtime: 1 Hour - Color.


DVD Information
DVD Format: DVD-R
DVD Mastering: YES
Chapter Selection YES
Interactive Menu YES

Kriegsberichter 3 film01

Kriegsberichter 3 DVD




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