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 We accept donations by:
 Credit Cards / Debit Cards
 Money Orders
 Personal Checks
 Cash - US dollars, EURO, Pound, SEK, etc.
Our Address:

If ordering by mail
Cash, Euro, Checks and money orders are accepted.
If sending Check or Money Order, please make
payable to: leave blank.

Shipping Information:
 Free shipping inside the USA
 $8.00 total - To Europe, Canada & Rest of World.



Q. How do I order from NS88?

A. We accept Credit Cards, Money Orders made out in US dollars, Personal Checks US only, and Cash, US Dollars, EUROs, etc.  We do not offer C.O.D. Cash On Delivery.

Q. I want to make a purchase and use my credit card but I do not want any Nazi sounding company on my credit card statement. What will my credit card charge look like?

A. Our credit card processing uses a normal sounding neutral name that will appear on your credit statement.

Q. I do not have a Credit Card, can I send cash?

A. Yes, we accept all countries currencies. Just place the payment in an envelope along with a list of what you ordered. If you used the NS88 checkout process, your order status will change from "Waiting for Payment" to "Processing" once payment is received.

Q: Can NS88 send my order marked as Gift for customs and have a neutral senders address?

A: Yes, for all International orders that require a customs form, we mark as "gift" and always have the senders address, our address, as a personal name. IE "Joe Smith".

Q. How safe are deliveries to Germany?

A. Deliveries to Germany are usually %100 safe. We do not send any forbidden symbols with your order. All DVD covers, CD booklets and inserts that may have such symbols are sent in a separate postal envelope as printed material which does not require customs.

Q. Do you accept Bank Transfers

A. Not yet