DVD123 - Skrewdriver - Live at the 100 Club 1983


Skrewdriver 1983

Skrewdriver - Live at the 100 Club 1983

Catalog number# DVD123

Skrewdriver "The come back years" performing live at the famous 100 Club in 1983. The video is over 25 years old and filmed with one camera. If you are a Skrewdriver fan then this is a must for your Skrewdriver collection.


01. Back with a Bang
02. Rise Up / If theres a riot
03. Tomorrow Belongs to Me
04. Streetfight
05. Smash the I.R.A.
06. Government Action
07. Soldier of Freedom
08. Paranoid
09. Don't let Them Pull you Down
10. Midnight Train (Never before released)
11. Boots & Braces
12. White Power
13. AntiSocial

Quality Production Rating

Runtime: 30 Mins - Color.

DVD Format: DVD-R
DVD Mastering: YES
Chapter Selection YES
Interactive Menu YES

Skrewdriver 100 Club 1983


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