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DVD57 - Kriegsberichter Vol. II


Kriegsberichter Video Magazine VOL. 2

Kriegsberichter 2 DVD film

Do you want to know what is happening across Europe? If yes, then you had better purchase this immediately! THE leading voice of White Power on video is BACK WITH A BANG! It took nearly four months to put it all together and the outcome is definitely the most expensive W.P. video production (so far...).

We are quite satisfied with the result and we hope that you are too. Compared to the debut issue, we have improved the quality at least 88%. We are offering you interviews (including tons of concert footage)

Definitely a must for all activist..

This is a professionally mastered DVD complete with menu soundtrack and an interactive motion chapter selection.  Comes with DVD case, Color cover and chapter listing insert.

Kriegsberichter 2 menu
Screen shot of interactive menu
Quality Production Rating

Runtime: 2 Hours 40 Min - Color.

DVD Information
DVD Format: DVD-R
DVD Mastering: YES
Chapter Selection YES
Interactive Menu YES

Kriegsberichter 2 DVD film 2



Chapter 01 Introduction
Chapter 02 No Remorse
Chapter 03 Top 10 list
Chapter 04 The Nation
Chapter 05 DNSB Report
Chapter 06 Tattoos
Chapter 07 Russian Skinheads
Chapter 08 Entvarnung
Chapter 09 Skinhead Girls
Chapter 10 Stigger & Warlord
Chapter 11 Heroes in the Snow
Chapter 12 Midgards Soner
Chapter 13 Agent Bulldog
Chapter 14 Freikorps
Chapter 15 Konkwista 88
Chapter 16 Konkwista 88
Chapter 17 Svastika on C18
Chapter 18 Brutal Attack
Chapter 19 Black History
Chapter 20 CD Reviews
Chapter 21 Razors Edge
Chapter 22 Mistreat
Chapter 23 Aryan
Chapter 24 Celtic Warrior
Chapter 25 Hungarian Skinheads
Chapter 26 Noie Werte
Chapter 27 Ending

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