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DVD126 - Kriegsberichter Vol. VI


Kriegsberichter Video Magazine VOL. 6

Kriegsberichter 6 film02

The 6th edition of the most notorious Hate Video is now here. Kriegsberichter Vol. 6 brings you some of the best White Power video footage the NS scene has to offer.

This edition features interviews with Musical bands Max Resist, Youngland and White Knuckle Driver. Political interviews with the maker of Kriegsberichter, Blood & Honour and Ian Stuart. Racist Cartoons, Marcel Schilf documentary and plenty of Racist Musical Videos.

Look, Learn and let the Hatred Burn!

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   Runtime: 1 Hour 6 Mins - Color.   


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DVD Format: DVD-R
DVD Mastering: YES
Chapter Selection YES
Interactive Menu YES

Kriegsberichter 6 film02


Chapter 01 Intro Editorial
Chapter 02 Youngland, White Knuckle Driver,
Max Resist
Chapter 03 The 4 Skins - Evil
Chapter 04 Interview with J?s? AinaSkin
Chapter 05 5 German Comrades vs. Reds
Chapter 06 B&H Battle Beyond Stardom
Chapter 07 No Remorse - We play for you
Chapter 08 Psychos in Blue - ACAB Documentary
Chapter 09 Skrewdriver Live in London 1988
Chapter 10 Who was Marcel Schilf
Chapter 11 Ian Stuart Interview 1983
Chapter 12 PitBullFarm - Army of Assholes
Chapter 13 Racist Cartoons
Chapter 14 Rudolf Hess Casualty of Conscience
Chapter 15 Hess Memorial Germany 2007
Chapter 16 No Remorse - See you in Valhalla


Kriegsberichter 6 DVD

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