Zog's Nightmare II - The War Continues


Zog's Nightmare II  - The War Continues

 Video Game for PC

Catalog number# VG02 - Zog's Nightmare 2

This is a new professionally created 1st person shooter video game for your computer.

All the people from the Swastika Arts Software Team really out did themselves on this one. Zog's Nightmare II - The War Continues has more firepower, more in depth play, new levels to discover, new surprises and much more !

System requirements:
2.2 GHZ processor or higher
512 MB RAM
64MB video card memory
Windows XP or Vista Operating System
Direct X
1.5 GB Hard Drive Space

Zog's Nightmare II : The War Continues

Note: This is a Professionally Factory Pressed Video Game CD.

 Zogs Nightmare 2


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