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DVD49 - Squadron Decade Of Defiance Tour With Stigger


Squadron film

Squadron - A Decade of Defiance Tour
with Stigger

Catalog number# DVD49 Double DVD Set

This DVD contains Squadron touring different locations in Sweden along with Stigger. Ballads performed by Jimmy of Squadron and Stigger. Included performances also from Svastika, TotenKopf, Odium, Heroes in the Snow, Heysel & Nibelungen.

*Interview with Squadron conducted by Stigger.
*Interview with Stigger conducted by Jimmy of Squadron.

Watch as Stigger tells his experiences with Skrewdriver and Ian Stuart. Filmed in Club Valhalla Sweden by NS88.

Squadron + Interview
Stigger + Interview
Heroes in the Snow
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Runtime: 4 Hours - Color.

DVD Format: DVD-R
DVD Mastering: YES
Chapter Selection YES
Interactive Menu YES

Squadron DVD

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