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DVD109 - Nordic Fest 2004 , USA


Nordic Fest 2004

Nordic Fest 2004 , USA
Hosted by the I.K.A.

Catalog number# DVD109

Another great perfect quality DVD of Nordic fest featuring California's Cradle Song and returning Holocaust of Hate. Great footage of the Cross and Swastika lighting.

Speeches given by: P-J Brunalis, White Revolution, Ted Dunn SS-Action Group, WCOTC and I.K.A. Awards

I.K.A. Awards
Holocaust of Hate
Interview with Holocaust of Hate
Cross & Swastika lighting
Cradle Song
Interview with Burmalis
Holocaust of Hate 2
Quality Production Rating

??Runtime: 1 Hours 45 Min - Color.

Nordic Fest
Nordicfest 2004

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