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DVD116 - Skrewdriver Live in London 1988


Skrewdriver London England 1988

Skrewdriver Live in London 1988

Catalog number# DVD116

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NS88 has obtained the rights to a new unreleased Skrewdriver video. Skrewdriver live in London 1988 with supporting bands, No Remorse and Brutal Attack.

Filmed at the St. Helier Arms venue in 1988, this has to be one of the best quality and performances of Skrewdriver we have ever seen.

Classic sounds from Skrewdriver that sound right off the Voice of Britain LP. Brutal Attack with the Tales of Glory LP and No Remorse with the This Time the World LP. It doesn't get any better than this for English R.A.C.

The camera is up close on stage during the Skrewdriver set, filming Ian and the boys from all angles as Ian dedicates songs to the Chelsea Headhunters, the Northern Ulster lads and many more. Great performances by a young Paul Burnley and Ken McLellan as well.

The NS88 promotion trailer Voice of Britain is also included with this fine DVD. See main index page to view.

No Remorse
Brutal Attack
Quality Production Rating

Runtime: 2 Hours - Color.

No Remorse London 1988

No Remorse sub-chapters play list
01. This Time the World 06. We Salute you (Rudolf Hess)
02. 6 Million Lies 07. Nigger (Hide your face)
03. Smash the Reds 08. Solly
04. Blood Sucker 09. Smash the Reds (Reprise)
05. Mother England 10. This Time the World (Respise)

Brutal Attack London 1988

Brutal Attack play list sub-chapters
01. Rock Against Communism 05. We Wont Run
02. As the Drum Beats 06. White Pride White Passion
03. Forward to Glory 07. Long Live Death
04. The Return of St. George .


Skewdriver play list sub-chapters
01. Back with a Bang
02. White Power
03. Hail the New Dawn
04. Government Action
05 Blood & Honour
06. Street Fight
07. Our Pride is our Loyalty
08. Voice of Britain
09.Strike Force
10.Boots & Braces
11. Hail the New Dawn (Reprise)
12. Smash the I.R.A.
13. Free My Lans
14. When the Boat Comes In

Skrewdriver Live in London 1988

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