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DVD33 - Ian Stuart & Stigger, Patriotic Ballads


Ian Stuart & Stigger
Patriotic Ballads

August 8th 1992 Stuttgart Germany

Songs performed
Ch. 1 Road to Valhalla Ch. 14 Glory
Ch. 2 Tomorrow belongs to me Ch. 15 To Freedom we Ride
Ch. 3 Patriot Ch. 16 The Snow Fell
Ch. 4 Suddenly Ch. 17 When the Boat comes in
Ch. 5 One Land Ch.18 One in a Million Part 2
Ch. 6 Devils Right Hand Ch. 19 Johny joined the Klan
Ch. 7 Green Fields of France Ch. 20 White Power
Ch. 8 Hail the Thunder Ch. 21 Green Fields of France
Ch. 9 Bang goes the Neighborhood Ch. 22 Europe Awake
Ch. 10 One in a Million Ch. 23 Strikeforce
Ch.11 Gone with the Breeze Ch. 24 Smash the I.R.A.
Ch.12 Blood & Honour Ch.25 The Snow Fell Part 2
Ch. 13 46 Years Ch. 26 Ending

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Runtime: 1 Hour - Color.

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DVD Format: DVD-R
DVD Mastering: YES
Chapter Selection YES
Interactive Menu YES

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