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DVD95 - Swedish Skinheads Vol. IV


Swedish Skinheads Vol. IV

Catalog number# DVD95

This is #4 of a set of 4 great documentaries about the Swedish Skinhead Movement.


Swedish Skins 4: Salem Marches 2002 reports see reds fighting the police, Pluton Svea interview + live footage, Hess memorial march from Stockholm 2000, Vulund Smed live 1994, Heroes live 1996, NS demos from Gothenborg, Svastika live, Midgards Soner live + interview just before the singer Nitton jumped off the movement, interviews with Jasa & Pierre of B&H Scandinavia, Agent Bulldog live + interview, Division S live, Antifa demo in Helsingborg disturbed by B&H Helsingborg,

"Racist Of course!" documentary of Stockholm skinheads

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Runtime: 2 Hours - Color.

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