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NSV-DVD07 - Der Sieg des Glaubens - 3rd reich video


Der Sieg des Glaubens

Catalog number# NSV-DVD07

  Der Sieg des Glaubens documents the Fifth NSDAP Congress in a straight chronological format. It has no voiceover commentary and few explanatory titles. The activities captured by Riefenstahl's cameras include the welcoming of foreign diplomats and other party members and politicians at the Nuremberg train station;

Adolf Hitler's arrival at the airport and his meeting with important party members; massive SA parades; and Hitler's speech on the tenth anniversary of the German National Socialist movement.

The film includes Ernst Röhm, head of the Sturmabteilung and, at the time, the second most powerful man within the National Socialist Party.
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Runtime: 1 Hour 4 Mins - B&W.

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