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  • Country: USA
  • Music Genre: NS Punk

Grinded Nig / Dirty White Punks - Hate Grind vs Hate Punk

Grinded Nig
01. Intro (Racial Retard on the Loose)
02. Grinded Nigger
03. Shite Colored Nigger/Fuck You
04. Aryan Man 2099 (Rise of the Savage Negroid Ghoul)
05. Hit the Jewish
06. Freezer Full of Nigger Heads (remix)
07. Hockey's Not For Niggers
08. Hatred in my Heart (remix)
09. Dead Motherfucker

Dirty White Punks
10. Punks Not Red
11. Thank You Katrina
12. Dirty White Punks
13. Gas 'em All, burn the flesh
14. Kill the Pigs
15. Blacks in our Public Schools
16. Someones gonna die tonight
17. Plastic Liberty

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