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  • Country: USA
  • Music Genre: Oi / RAC

Racist Redneck Rebels - Keep The Hate Alive!

01. Droppin' The Kids Off In Harlem
02. Niggers, Niggers, Niggers
03. We Are All Niggers
04. The Nigger Crematory
05. Pederast Priests
06. Marty The Maggot
07. Jungle Bunny
08. All Good Things Come From Africa
09. Blow Up The Middle East
10. Free Mumia
11. Like A Nigger On Payday
12. Nigger Snipers
13. Oh My God, I Married A Nigger
14. Reparations My Ass!
15. Whatever Happened To That Dear Ol' Klan Of Mine?
16. The Birds Are Singing

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